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A place where anything is possible! Join our community and discover how Divergent U students are gaining clarity on their calling and taking action to change the world! 

Who Are You?

Everything starts with you. If you’re a college student, recent graduate or drop out who is trying to find their way in the world but can’t seem to get past the starting line then Divergent U is the perfect place to start. Don’t sell yourself short of your unlimited potential!     

Divergent Learning

Divergent U isn’t about checking a box to fit into the past. We empower our students to create the future. Our model is 100% personalized to the individual student. We have no universally required tests, texts or course work.  Every student entering our doors has different goals and a different learning style. Therefore, we shape our curriculum around each individual student’s needs.



Anything is Possible

This three word statement is the thesis that we test everyday at Divergent U. Regardless of our students’ personal limitations we challenge them to push the boundaries of what they’re capable of.

Life Changing Results

Read Our Testimonials

Divergent U is running its first summer semester in Orlando Florida. Below are some testimonials from individuals who went through early stages of the Divergent U program. 

Divergent U’s model helped me grow into a determined individual and taught me the art of transparency. Through being transparent about my values, dreams and goals to myself and the people around me; I now have a clear path to meaningfully impact the world.


I learned how very special and unique Divergent Leadership is. I was pushed and encouraged to grow every step of the way. I am now able to be the very best version of myself at work, at home with my family, and in everything I do.


In my experience, I was able to create a connection with the people I worked alongside which resembled a family. That feeling of connection motivated me to do whatever was necessary to grow into the best version of myself everyday.


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Orlando Florida Location

Divergent U is currently operating out of 407 Lake Howell Rd. Suite 1021 Maitland, Florida 32751 and will be relocating to a new space in the Orlando area during the 2020 spring semester.

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