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We’d love to provide you with the resources, connections, and frameworks in order to bring your ideas into reality. Divergent U’s community celebrates the uniqueness of ideas, aspirations, and methodologies! We encourage every individual to live a life of fulfillment.  

Future Students

Stop following leaders who teach you how to live life their way. Surround yourself with leaders and communities who empower you to create life YOUR way.

At Divergent U, you will be put in the driver’s seat. Each facilitator’s job is to sit in the passenger seat and support you in navigating the challenges you face along your journey.

We provide the framework, coaching, and strategies to bring your ideas into reality. If you are considering starting or growing a purpose driven business or non-profit then we would love to support you along that journey!

Just 3 months at Divergent U could help shape the next 30 to 70 years of your life. We’re here to support you whenever you’re ready!

Community Members

Divergent U’s community is a community without followers. Every voice is recognized as a collaborative leader and all input is welcomed and encouraged. After joining our community you will have many opportunities to impact and be impacted by fellow purpose driven entrepreneurs.

Fall 2019


Divergent U launched its second semester in the Fall of 2019 opening 2 classes to 15 students. These 15 students went through the first 12 Limitations class. Click here to meet all 15 students and hear their stories.

Summer 2019


Divergent U launched its first semester in the Summer of 2019 opening a single class to 8 students. These 8 students went through a beta test version of the Divergent Learning Model. Click here to meet all 8 students  and hear their stories. 

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Our community is ready to support all of your ideas!