Frequent Asked Questions

What is divergent thinking?

A: Convergent Thinking teaches you what to think. The purpose of this form of thinking is to discover the right answer to a question. Every standardized test you’ve ever taken is an example of a Convergent Thinking test.

Divergent Thinking is the ability to take a complex question, brainstorm ideas, and come up with a creative and original answer. A question like: how do I turn my business idea into a reality?

What is Divergent U?

A: Divergent U is a community of Divergent Thinkers, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators. We offer several programs on personal development and entrepreneurial training, and business coaching.

What will I benefit from the program?

A: You will develop your ability to think for yourself and in doing so open the doorway for bigger in better goals than you previously thought possible. We encourage you to use your creativity and problem solving ability in real world scenarios that apply to your own life.

What makes your program different from other personal development programs?

A: The 5 components of:

Workshops– Open mastermind discussions with guided frameworks. Experiential learning workshops with breakout discussions and detailed frameworks

Coaching– Dedicated Coach for accountability on personal healthy and business professional advancement 30-40 minute weekly session

Workbook – The 200 paged workbook provides journaling and self-reflective and advance personal and professional goals.

Community– Co-working space with 6-12 other people there to brainstorm and help problem solve to help advance your projects- alumni network of graduates from all different backgrounds and expertise to support. And the possibility of collaborations.

Divergent X – Speech, a platform to share your business with an audience of our alumni network, investors, and other professionals that may use your services or collaborate with you.

Are there any prerequisites?

A: There are no prerequisites but you need good internet connection and Zoom for attending webinars. 

I don’t have time.

A: It comes down to priorities. This class is designed for you and your development. And our belief is you and  your development in you is the best investment of time and will help to advance everything else in your life. It’s designed to help create generational wealth. You have to decide how you prioritize that.

Are there any international restrictions? 

A: No. All of our facilitators are English speaking.

Who will my coach be?

A: We have a team of trained facilitators. They all have experience in entrepreneurship and personal development. All of our coaches are Divergent U Certified Coaches