About Us

Divergent U is an alternative university in Central Florida offering unique classes in discovering, developing, and mastering oneself both personally and professionally.


Our mission is to be the best possible education option for any adult who is considering a meaningful life change toward value-centered living. Each of our classes will provide a unique and thought-provoking experience in self discovery and transformation. For more information about our programs, visit our Classes page.

Founding Story

Divergent U was founded in the summer of 2019 by Sam Tarell with the vision to innovate education on a global scale by focusing on value-centered learning and using divergent thinking in order to reach individualized goals. Sam has since developed a completely unique classroom style that consists of mastermind group workshops, weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, and an open co-working space. Since Divergent U’s inception, 23 students have graduated from the 3-month program. We are proud to say that every graduate has had a life-changing experience in re-discovering themselves, finding ways to bring their unique value to the world, and transforming their lives. You can read and watch more of their stories on our Students page

What is Divergent Learning?

Sam Tarell’s TEDx Talk

Meet the Facilitators

At Divergent U the role of our facilitators looks different from that of a traditional teacher or professor. True to their title, our facilitators begin all Divergent U classes with a thought-provoking question that every student will then have an opportunity to share their perspective on

Sam Tarell – Founder and President

Angela Minerva – Lead Facilitator

Josh Thompson – Facilitator 

Jessy Collins – Adjunct Facilitator 

Meet the Staff

Sam Tarell – Founder and President

Jessica Adams – Vice President

Serena Yeager- Lead Curriculum Designer

Treston Mayo- Content Manager

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Create Life Your Way 

A completely re-imagined education alternative




Make a Major Life Change Towards More Meaningful Living

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Orlando Florida Location

Divergent U offers classes in person in Orlando and Online Globally.