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A new way of learning.

Divergent thinking (n): the ability to interpret a question in many different ways and the ability to see many different answers to a question. 

Divergent U is an alternative university in Central Florida revolutionizing the education system. Rather than sticking to old patterns, we do things differently. The future is evolving; new skills are needed.

The jobs of our future demand divergent skills. Based on numerous lists and articles, the top 10 skills employers are already looking for in 2020 are all based on divergent thinking. Things like complex problem solving, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. Yet our current education system is still designed for convergent thinking (i.e. memorization and standardized testing.)

We need a new learning system, and we’re here to blaze the trail. We are the pioneers of Divergent Thinking Education. We’re here to equip the next leaders who will create a better future.

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We are currently offering classes in value-driven entrepreneurship and personal development. Check out our classes page for more information.

Our Revolutionary Divergent Learning Model

Our Values


We are creative problem solvers. We believe there are multiple solutions to a problem as opposed to one right answer.
We stay curious and welcome all perspectives.


Because we don’t believe anything is impossible, we push the boundaries of what is possible. There is no cap for what we can accomplish or how much we can grow.


We are willing to dig deep to discover all parts of ourselves and show up as our truest selves.


We believe in collaboration over competition. We empower our community to work together in an inclusive environment where everyone is accepted.

Founding Story

Divergent U was started by Founder and President Sam Tarell, the pioneer and thought leader in divergent thinking education. After successfully turning his passion for basketball into a 6 figure company, Hoop Brothers, he became passionate about teaching others how to turn their passions into a sustainable income.

Sam had the unique perspective of both a college student taking business courses and starting his own business around the same time. He saw a lot of missed opportunities in the college business curriculum. It was still heavily designed for convergent thinking. To be a successful entrepreneur, he knew divergent skills were vital.

After successfully growing his business, he had the opportunity to volunteer at the UCF Launch Pad (an on-campus resource for entrepreneurs) as a coach. Although he saw components of the Launch Pad that were successful, he felt there was something missing.

He saw a need for a more individualized approach. He wanted to help people create businesses in a way that aligned with their unique values. As the creative problem solver that he is, he decided to create his own solution, now known as Divergent U – the first incubator designed for value-driven entrepreneurs.

Through the Divergent U incubator, he’s helped students grow their business while also helping them grow personally. He’s helped over 30 students experience life transformations.

Some other career highlights include: coaching over 50 entrepreneurs, presenting a Tedx talk on Divergent Learning, creating the 12 limitations workbook, and facilitating over 200 workshops.

Sam Tarell’s TEDx Talk

Meet Our Facilitators

At Divergent U the role of our facilitators looks different from that of a traditional teacher or professor. True to their title, our facilitators begin all Divergent U workshops with a thought-provoking question that every student will then have an opportunity to share their perspective on.

Sam Tarell

Founder and President

Angela Minerva

Lead Facilitator

Josh Thompson 


Meet the Staff

Sam Tarell – Founder and President

Jessica Adams – Vice President

Serena Yeager- Lead Curriculum Designer

Treston Mayo- Content Manager

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Orlando Florida Location

Divergent U will resume in person classes in Orlando, Florida once the safety of our students and staff is no longer a concern due to Covid-19. In the meantime all classes will take place online through Zoom.