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Our Mission

As the world simultaneously continues to decentralize and globalize, many of our old institutions and ways of thinking must be challenged and reformed. Divergent U is first and foremost an educational institution pioneering an entirely new model of education designed to empower individualized learning, entrepreneurship, and diversity of thought. 

We’ve completely done away with standardized tests, large group lectures, and traditional degree programs. Our Divergent Thinking Model revisits the foundation of learning and answers the question ‘what is the purpose of education’ differently than a traditional educational institution. 

We believe the purpose of education is to empower the learner to lead rather than test the learner on how well they can follow. This means the students are the leaders and our facilitators’ jobs are to facilitate group learning using questions and frameworks that encourage students to think for themselves, collaborate with each other, and take action on their unique goals. With a combination of interactive small group workshops, one on one coaching sessions, and student run collaborative spaces Divergent U’s model is reimagining the role of education in a world where information itself is becoming more and more universally free online. 

We’ve developed over 40 original frameworks and mental models which help students understand how to think rather than what to think. These proven frameworks have shown incredible results in self assessments our students take in their levels of confidence, clarity, and decision making ability. Notably showing an average increase in our entry level students from 4.8/10 in confidence to 8.8/10 by the end of our 3 month program. We’ve also seen transformational business results in our entrepreneurial students with students starting their businesses at Divergent U and achieving 6 figures of revenue in less than a year after graduating from our 3 month accelerator. 

Our mission is to participate in the global shift from authoritarianism to a world where diversity of thought, inclusion of all ideas, and empowered entrepreneurship are driving forces of our global collaborative society. Our role in this shift is in supporting individuals in becoming the leader of their own lives through entrepreneurship. 


Our Values


We are creative problem solvers. We believe there are multiple solutions to a problem as opposed to one right answer.
We stay curious and welcome all perspectives.


We believe anything is possible and encourage our students to push the boundaries of their potential. There is no cap for what we can accomplish or how much we can grow.


We are willing to dig deep to discover all parts of ourselves and show up as our truest selves.


We believe in collaboration over competition. We empower our community to work together in an inclusive environment where everyone is accepted.

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