Our Story

Sam Tarell is a TEDx Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Philosopher with 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship impacting nearly 10,000 clients, staff members, and students globally.

He specializes in divergent thinking, a concept he’s developing at his leadership academy Divergent U where he’s written over 30 original leadership philosophies.

Sam started his first business, Hoop Brothers, a basketball recruiting service, when he was 18 years old to help his brother Tiger earn a scholarship to play college basketball. He scaled Hoop Brothers into a national brand in 9 years hiring over 250 contractors, serving over 7,000 clients, and training an executive team to oversee the entire operation while he focused on starting Divergent U.

Sam wrote the curriculum for Divergent U’s 12 Limitations incubator program. A 100 hour cohort program designed to identify and remove the limitations standing between a student entrepreneur and all of their entrepreneurial and impact goals. His graduates have gone on to start and scale purpose driven businesses in a variety of unique sectors including natural products, professional services, entertainment, engineering firms, and personal brands.

Our Mission 


Our mission is to participate in the global shift from authoritarianism to a world where diversity of thought, inclusion of all ideas, and empowered entrepreneurship are driving forces of our global collaborative society. Our role in this shift is in supporting individuals in becoming the leader of their own lives through entrepreneurship. 


Our Values


We are creative problem solvers. We believe there are multiple solutions to a problem as opposed to one right answer.
We stay curious and welcome all perspectives.


We believe anything is possible and encourage our students to push the boundaries of their potential. There is no cap for what we can accomplish or how much we can grow.


We are willing to dig deep to discover all parts of ourselves and show up as our truest selves.


We believe in collaboration over competition. We empower our community to work together in an inclusive environment where everyone is accepted.

Bring Your Ideas into Reality 

To Challenge the Impossible