Today, information is more accessible than ever before and it’s free. With a quick Google search, we have the ability to learn anything. Because of this, information is no longer the value of education. We believe the value of education today is centered around guidance, coaching, mastermind groups, and community. In order to follow the direction the world is going, our education needs to evolve. Enter the Divergent Learning Model. The Divergent Learning Model is broken up into three parts: Values, Goals, and Process.

Putting People First
The key element that sets the Divergent Learning Model apart is that it starts with people. Learning is tailored to each unique individual. First, the individual defines their values by asking questions like:

-Who are you?
-How do you want to approach your life?
-How do you want to feel?

Determining values helps people operate authentically and at their highest potential. Values are more important than goals.
Creating Goals Based On Values
After values are determined, goals are set based on those values. When goals are based on values, goals become based on what the individual wants and not what other people think they “should” do. When people base their goals on their values, they become more motivated to achieve them.

Convergent vs. Divergent
Once values and goals are determined, a process can be created using divergent thinking. Traditional education systems put a lot more emphasis on convergent thinking. Convergent is when many things intersect at one point. This means there is only one answer. Examples of convergent thinking are math problems or dates in history. Technology and automation are getting better at convergent thinking and are able to do these tasks faster, smarter, and more efficiently than we can. As technology advances, jobs that rely on convergent thinking will diminish.

Unlike convergent thinking, divergent thinking encourages people to come up with multiple solutions. It is not one size fits all and there is no “right” way. Everyone’s approach will be different since they are based on their own unique values and goals. Divergent thinking puts emphasis on skills that are harder to replace like problem-solving and decision-making.

The divergent model is designed to empower people to get comfortable with trial and error. It trains people to get comfortable with failure and frees them from judging their failures. This gives us the freedom to expansively create. Divergent thinking cannot be replaced by machines or technology and will, therefore, prove invaluable.

So far, Divergent U has taught this model to transform the lives of dozens of students and business leaders. Many students have started their own businesses or landed their dream jobs. But this is only the beginning. We plan to take this Divergent Learning Model to transform lives globally. The education system needs a revolution and we’re here to make it happen. We invite you to be part of this revolution and join our community of culture shifters. Attend one of our next events or workshops to get plugged in.