Summer 2019 Graduates


Divergent U launched its first semester in the Summer of 2019 opening a single class to 8 students. These 8 students went through a beta test version of the Divergent Learning Model. Meet the 8 students below and hear their stories. 


Josh Thompson

“This was a life-changing experience and I have so much more clarity on who I am and how I want to impact the world. Also, I’ve never been in a classroom where my classmates became like family!! 

Jay Storm

“Although I achieved exactly what I set out to achieve the real accomplishment was honestly making friendships that will last with my classmates and finding out who I am as a person and how I want to be. Week 1 at Divergent U was figuring out who I am now, but also who do I want to be. I am so thankful for this opportunity and highly recommend Divergent U to anyone seeking deeper clarity on who they are.   “

Brianna Closs

“More than just individualized education on the most important life skills…it’s also a community. This program gives people laser focused clarity on what they truly want out of life, as well as how to get there. What Sam Tarell is doing is a game-changer!  “


Julian Weisberg

“An absolutely game changing experience for my life in general. Since Divergent U I’ve been more focused, more empowered, and more motivated. It’s an experience you have to immerse yourself into in order to get the full understanding. I’ve learnt a lot through my time with Divergent U, and it’s beyond words. My own words here cannot do my experience justice.  

Alejandro Musa

“I was a student in the summer 2019 class and I highly recommend this to anyone trying to grow professionally and seeking to advance a project/idea. The co-working space and the work shops provide a space for creativity and productivity to thrive. Kudos to Sam and the DU crew! 

Jenna Brookins

“My experience here at Divergent U, has been very impactful. It was through one on one weekly meetings and the open discussions with my classmates where I began to have more clearly as to who I am and how I want to be. In this space I can share my thoughts, ideas, and insecurities without feeling judged. I feel supportive and motivated by those around me. Most importantly we are being true to ourself and not trying to be perfect. I’ll forever take what I’ve learned and pass it on to friends and family. 

Tony McGehee

“My experience at Divergent U was different from some of my classmates. One of the biggest things that Divergent U helped me to do was quit a project that was no longer aligned with who I wanted to be and start putting my energy towards things I found a deeper fulfillment in. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many amazing classmates!  “

Tiger Tarell

“Divergent U is more than a school, it is a community. You aren’t taught how to be anyone else, you are empowered to be you! At Divergent U I started a game company called Tripply Games and we are launching our first game The Balance of Gaia in 2020. This was an amazing experience!  

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