Fall 2019 Graduates


Divergent U launched its second semester in the Fall of 2019 opening 2 classes to 15 students. These 15 students went through the first 12 Limitations class. Meet the 15 students below and hear their stories.  


Alex Raymond

Alex Raymond is an audio engineer, recording artist, festival safety advocate, and art manufacturer/distributor. Alex used his class time to co-found a clothing label, Dosed Heroics. This looked like establishing an online presence and building a sales and marketing plan.

“Divergent U gave me a new way to tackle challenges and the clarity to organize my business. I went from a mess of floating ideas to having systems in place with clear progress. Being able to see how much of an effect I’m truly having with my efforts has given me the faith I needed to follow through building my company. The values based one on one coaching helped me keep what’s important in mind while instilling a more focused goal setting structure. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking to get more from their current situation or move to the next level.

Christianna McMichael

Christianna used her time in the program to begin transitioning into a digital nomad lifestyle. Christianna made huge progress in her goals by creating a savings plan and changing jobs to become more flexible. Christianna successfully completed the 12 Limitations course while working more than full time hours as a customer service specialist; she’s a master of time management. 

Emily Shurr

In her graduation speech, Emily Shurr shares how she went from feeling stuck in the wrong job to embodying her true calling. Emily reflects on being fully accepted by an energizing community and how this has helped her overcome limiting beliefs. Emily now leads workshops to build conscious communities in Orlando.

Jolene Taracatac

“Divergent U is raising the next generation of culture shifters! I’m so happy I got to be a part of the second class. I recommend Divergent U for anyone trying to become their best self. I’ve experienced more self-growth in 3 months than I ever thought possible. I’ve gained much greater clarity on who I am and how I want to operate on a day-to-day basis. I’m now equipped with tangible life tools to refer back to when challenges come my way. I feel more limitless than ever before. It’s also great to be in community with like-minded individuals! “

Spencer Conner

“Divergent was an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded people who were all pursuing there goals and passions. The curriculum was well designed and a very personal learning experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to better there future!  “

Savannah Slawson

“I was Ecstatic to join Divergent U’s Second Semester of 12 Limitations Course. I have been creating, designing, and preparing my mind and plans for UNI. Prior to the class, I was unsure of certain steps to take, and while I felt everything is Possible, I was unsure how to see past certain limitations that the human mind creates based on societal struggles and structure. Being in a group of like minded individuals, all creative, big hearts, big dreams, provides unstoppable motivation and encouragement to keep you accountable for your Vision.

Marissa Thompson

“I am so glad I was encouraged to take a semester at Divergent U! Now it is my time to encourage others and all who desire to take their life to the next level! I went into this class with an open mind excited to connect with other entrepreneurs and truly not sure what I would gain. Not only did I learn the marketing tactics I was hoping to learn I ended up learning more about myself and my passions and how to take my skills and turn it into a business with a good friend of mine. With the help from Sam during weekly one on one mentorship meetings I was able to fine tune my many ideas and streamline my energy into projects with results that I only dreamed of. I am so grateful and I would encourage anyone just simply looking for that little nudge they need in life to truly go after their passions and not allow fear and “obstacles” to get in the way. I now have an amazing group of friends and business leaders in the community because of Divergent U! Thanks, Sam and everyone who was a part of this! I can’t wait to help continue to change the school system and they way we learn and grow in our communities. We are all in this together 

Treston Mayo

“Divergent U was a Great experience- Sam is a genius and a great mentor and gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about myself. I was able to create a marketing company by going to Divergent U.”

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