Programs & Classes

We Offer 3 Life Changing Courses

The 12 Limitations

Entrepreneurship business incubator program designed to help you overcome your limitations and jump-start your business.

Divergent Thinking

Mindset Development Program to gain confidence and clarity both personally and professionally with strategies necessary to identify and solve problems. 

The 9 Languages

Personal Development Program for emotional intelligence and communication skills. Gain a deeper sense of self awareness in all areas of your life. 

Divergent-U is unlike any learning experience you’ve ever had

3 Months and 100 hours of challenging personal growth, entrepreneurship training, and leadership development in an online cohort of 6-12 others students from all over the world. This accelerator uses revolutionary divergent thinking principles to open the door for limitless personal growth and entrepreneurship development. It is designed to empower students to push the boundaries of what they previously believed was possible to accelerate their journey of growing their business and living their dream life. 


Surround yourself with purpose driven entrepreneurs

Included with Every Course


One on One Coaching Sessions


Purpose Driven and Collaboration


Mastermind space for projects & growth


11 One on One Coaching Sessions

Benefits of a Divergent U Coach

  • CLARITY – Your coach will help you get clear on your values, goals, and the process you’ll use to achieve them
  • CONFIDENCE – Your coach will empower you to break through limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from success
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Your coach will hold you accountable to complete challenging goals you set for yourself
  • EXPERTISE – Your coach will share years of experience in building businesses to give you expert feedback on your next steps
  • CONNECTIONS – Your coach will open doors for connections to Divergent U graduates and our larger network


6-9 Classmates and Alumni Network

Join a Community that is

  • PURPOSE DRIVEN – Our students are dedicated to contributing something meaningful to the world
  • OPEN MINDED – Our students come from all walks of life and we empower diversity of thought
  • COLLABORATIVE – Our students welcome collaboration opportunities to both offer and accept support
  • TALENTED – Our students are experts in many different fields and our network can open nearly any door

Divergent U is the best place to build lasting friendships and professional relationships with like minded people who want to make a difference in the world. If this program resonates with you then we have classes of students and alumni waiting to meet you and join you on your journey.


Group Class 1-3 times per week 

Mastermind workshops to gain clarity on your life with strategies for both personal and professional goals.

Mastermind Workshops

  • STEP BY STEP DEVELOPMENT – Walk through goals, limitations, challenges
  • WEEKLY PROJECTS – Targeted to challenge thought leadership and divergent methods

This program has no required assignments or tests. All goals are student made and results are determined based on a student’s commitment to themselves and their project. This program will challenge you to grow both personally and professionally.

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Turn your brilliant idea into a reality with The 12 Limitations Entrepreneurship Program

Gain Mindset Strategies to grow both personally and in your career goals with Divergent Thinking

Master your communication skills and develop a new self-awareness with The 9 Languages

Schedule a Zoom call with Founder and President Sam Tarell to see if Divergent U is right for you.

Bring Your Ideas into Reality 

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