Our Philosophy





Is it possible to change the world?

 At Divergent U we are proving the answer to that question is a loud and definitive “YES!”

Divergent U President and Education Activist, Sam Tarell stood on the TEDx stage in early 2019 and shared his views on the state of our education system. “Students waste years focusing on curriculum that they will never apply in their lives, the student debt crisis is at an all time high, recent graduates are landing jobs in their field less than 50% of the time, and many students are walking out of college with less clarity on what they want to do with their lives then when they walked in. We are on the verge of a major education shift. The solutions that I have put forth with Divergent U are very radical but they are already changing the course of history.” 

“Divergent U changes lives. I know because it changed mine,” Jay Storm, a student from Divergent U’s 2019 summer class, said in an inspiring speech he gave at Divergent U’s graduation ceremony. Jay entered Divergent U’s program with little direction on the job he wanted to get, what he wanted to do with his life and where he wanted to live. In a couple short months of participating in our Divergent Learning 1.0 class Jay landed his dream job with a tech company in Colorado earning more than double his initial goal. 

In our Divergent Learning 1.0 class we have students self assess themselves in two key areas. Confidence and clarity. Here are the results from our 2019 summer students. 

Start of semester student average: 4.8

End of semester student average: 8.8


Start of semester student average: 5.2

End of semester student average: 8.8


Here are just a few of our student’s accomplishments in only one semester at Divergent U:
Josh Thompson started a natural soap company called FreeTheRoots. Alejandro Musa developed a business plan for an indoor skate park and opened the door for an opportunity as an international skate park consultant. Julian Weisberg wrote the first draft of his first comic book. Tiger Tarell started a game company and developed his first card game.

Divergent U is proving it is possible to change the world. Or at the very least it is possible to change YOUR world. How? By putting your personal values first. We don’t give our students a path to follow. Instead we focus on giving them the tools and connections to create their own path based on their unique values, their unique goals and their unique skills. Some students like Jay have used this guidance to land their dream job in a growing company. Others have started small businesses or created meaningful side hustles.

The world is changing. Technology is opening doors that have been closed for generations. It is now more possible than ever to have the freedom to pursue the life you have always dreamed of even if you’re not 100% sure what that life is yet. Schedule a meeting with Divergent U President Sam Tarell to talk about gaining clarity and growing your vision or attend one of our free Divergent Learning workshops. Above all let the final words of Sam Tarell’s TEDx talk drive you forward: “Stop trying to fit into the past when you were born to create the future”

Step 1: Values

Knowing who you are and what you want to contribute to the world is the most important first step to establish prior to starting down a particular education track. 

In this step students discover their personal values and work on the personal development required to live out those values. They work through limiting beliefs, strengthen emotional intelligence, and build meaningful relationships with their classmates.

The first 4 weeks of our Divergent Learning 1.0 class focuses entirely on values. Workshops include: Divergent Learning, Entrepreneurship, Self-Love, and Community Building. 

Step 2: Goals

Once a student is clear on who they are and what they want to contribute to the world the next step is to establish very grounded an tangible goals. 

In this step students are pushed to set extremely ambitious goals. Students challenge what the word “realistic” means to them, dive deep into divergent thinking, and learn the skills necessary to overcome any limitation to reach their goals. 

Every week students sit down with a professor one on one for a 40 minute coaching session to discuss their Divergent U progress report which is entirely focused on their personal goals for the semester and how they are making progress on these goals. 

Step 3: Process

Once a student has chosen their semester goals, the final step is creating their unique process to reach those goals. 

In this step students are spending time in Divergent U co-working space researching, brainstorming and creating the necessary requirements to reach their goal. They enhance their leadership skills, study customized curriculum for their chosen path, and learn to build meaningful relationships in their proposed industry. 

By the end of the semester students will not only have a clear path to their future goals but will have already worked on that path for months. The goal for every student is to ease there way into pursuing their purpose full time throughout the course of the semester at Divergent U.

Anything is Possible