We trust our ideas and the ideas of those we lead. We make decisions that impact those we care about in positive and meaningful ways. We take ownership over our strengths and weaknesses and know when to assert ourselves and when to seek support. We have authority over our projects and take full responsibility for all our successes and failures. 


We know we’re stronger when we work together. We offer our skills and perspectives to the projects of others. We welcome the support of others on our projects and aren’t afraid to ask for help. We uplift those around us and express our gratitude for our team.


We believe in thinking without the box. We push the boundaries of what’s creatively possible and aren’t afraid to propose and act on monumental ideas. We know everyone is unique and we empower all to pursue their own original thoughts, ideas, and strategies. We respect others' ideas and provide uplifting feedback to enhance their ideas.


We are honest with each other about our emotions, intentions, and goals. We share our genuine feedback even when our perspective is in opposition to the norm. We support each other’s mental well-being and check in on each other. We are transparent and don’t withhold important information from one another. 


We love what we do and express our joy proudly. We cheer loudly when we cross meaningful finish lines. We celebrate each other and spotlight the successes, strengths, and personal growth of others. We welcome others into our celebrations and cherish the memories we create.