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What Are the 12 Limitations?

In the 12 Limitations class, students explore their values, set goals, and develop processes with the guidance of coaches, a mastermind group, and an open, collaborative community. The 12 Limitations are the only things that can hold a person back from being...

What Is a Pulse Test?

What Is a Pulse Test?

What Is a Pulse Test? The Divergent Learning Model always starts with people first, which is why we begin with values. Goals and processes are only determined after values are established. In the summer of 2019, Divergent U created the Pulse Test to help their...

What Is The Divergent Learning Model?

What Is The Divergent Learning Model?

Today, information is more accessible than ever before and it’s free. With a quick Google search, we have the ability to learn anything. Because of this, information is no longer the value of education. We believe the value of education today is centered around...

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