Entrepreneurship Accelerator

3 Month – 100 Hour Program

Be the Next Purpose-driven Entrepreneur

A cohort of 6-12 students meeting 3 times per week on Zoom over the course of 3 months. All participation takes place online allowing cohorts to include students from all over the world to learn, grow, and collaborate together.

The 12 Limitation:

The Divergent Entrepreneurship Accelerator is a 3-month leadership development program. We’ve developed over 40 original frameworks and mental models which help individuals understand how to think rather than what to think. These proven frameworks have shown incredible results in self assessments our students take in their levels of confidence, clarity, and decision making ability includes Divergent U’s 12 Limitations Workbook. This exclusive workbook is only available in unison with this program. It acts as a personal student journal to take notes from workshop questions, discussions, and activities, and includes 33 optional assignments used to reinforce and personalize the application of the material covered in the workshops. This workbook is for students to keep and is never collected by the facilitator unless the student wants to review their notes.

33 Divergent Thinking Workshops

These proven workshops follow The 12 Limitations philosophy we’ve developed and teach how to overcome every limitation both personally and entrepreneurial in order to achieve any goal. Each 1 hour workshop starts with a divergent question which each student will answer verbally in their own way. This is followed by a quick presentation of the day’s frameworks and 1-2 break out sessions with experiential learning activities designed to personalize the material to each student. Each workshop ends with every student sharing their closing takeaway.

11 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Students will meet with a divergent thinking expert and entrepreneurship coach once per week for 30-40 minutes. In these sessions students will have quick check in on their personal growth and will also have a weekly check in on accountability to goals. Each student will set their own semester goal which they’ll be encouraged to push beyond what they believe is possible thus forcing them out of their comfort zone to learn and grow. These goals include personal, professional, and business goals. In these one on one sessions students will set weekly goals to further their semester goals and will work with their coach to overcome any challenges that arise.

Student Run Co-Working Space

 After each 1 hour workshop an additional 2 hours of open co-working space is made available over Zoom. This time is designed for students to get feedback on their own projects, support their peers, discuss assignments in the workbook, and collaborate with each other in an open space with no facilitator. This time is optional but is highly recommended to attend in order to get the most out of the experience.

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We like to keep cohorts small (6-12 students per cohort) to ensure all students have a voice and feel supported. Enroll today!

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